Frequently Asked Questions for Forex Beginners

Why invest in Forex?

If you have mastered the basics of forex trading, it is an easy market to start with. Basically, trading hours are very long, liquidity is great, you can start with very small accounts and there are many brokers that are suitable for beginners.

What are the risks involved in forex trading?

As with any investment, there is a risk of losing your money. In addition, Forex trading allows for high leverage, which can be a risk for beginners.

How much money do I need to invest in Forex?

Most brokers allow very small initial deposits, so £50 or £100 is enough to get started.

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Is it safe to trade forex?

As we have seen above, forex trading involves risks, so safety depends on your knowledge and strategy.

If you mean whether you will get your money back after depositing it with a broker, the answer is yes. If you choose a regulated and reliable broker, withdrawing your money will not be a problem.

Is it possible to make a living from forex trading?

Yes, but it is difficult. The number of those who make it is small, because you need a profitable strategy and consistent trading. On the other hand, you need a sufficient amount of money to live on the profits you make with this capital.

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How much money can I make with Forex?

This question is difficult to answer precisely. A Forex trader can earn anywhere from a few dollars to millions of dollars per month. It depends on skills, strategy, risk management and most importantly the size of the account you trade with. It is unrealistic to have a $5000 account and expect to earn a monthly salary of $2000.

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Difference between forex and stock trading

The main difference between forex trading and stock trading lies in the assets traded. In forex trading, currency pairs are traded, while in stock trading, company shares are traded.

This results in important differences, especially in terms of trading hours and the capital required to get started, with forex trading being easier for beginners.

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Difference between forex and cryptocurrencies

The difference between forex and cryptocurrencies lies in the assets and the type of market. Forex involves trading traditional currencies issued by governments, while cryptocurrencies are decentralized digital currencies based on blockchain technology. Both markets are volatile, but cryptocurrencies tend to fluctuate more. Also, in the case of cryptocurrencies, much more specific knowledge is required to work with them.

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